Saturday, October 22, 2011

Water the matter

Water, the matter Water Is the one source from Which all living things originated Our life and living depend Largely on its availability Ancient civilizations got established And flourished near Perennial water sources Without water, no need to emphasize, We cease to exist Anything we possess Assumes no significance without water Our knowledge about the universe About the natural laws About the animal kingdom About the plant kingdom About the happenings around us And our dreams over the future Our means to realize them Draw a naught if water is not there Though, we know this for long We need to do certain things That we and the generations to come Do not suffer scarcity of water Attempt is to make you appreciate The significance of pure water, As we have already contaminated enough And we have jeopardized the Build up of water sources In the name of economic growth And development of living comforts The person who realizes this And does something about Ensuring availability of this life-support Becomes an established soul And spiritual person and guide Not these words are mine But of Yajur Veda Which further says Who knows the origin of water Knows himself Do our sciences have a clue As to when and how The first molecule of water Came on to this planet of ours Probably the one who knows this Is God Create Date : Wednesday, July 27, 2011 Bashyam Narayanan

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