Wednesday, October 26, 2011


                                    POEMS FOR A RAINY DAY        
Cloudy Day
Take dampen look on a cloudy day
White Cloud bring to you & me deeply way,
Many soft,smooth dream,come to you naturally-
You can discover love,fun,when drive high way,
It really nice,it looks radiance happiness.
Many different fan get any one-like us,
In cloudy day,I think every  body come out,
Have some enjoy which is absolutely necessary,
In this cloudy, rainy day,

By: Salma Akhter

Reflections of Life
We would like to thank all our friends who supplied us with these 'Reflections of Life' which we are sharing with the Internet Community. We encourage you to purchase the books from which these reflections are quoted!

Here is the source of a lot of human suffering: to see as permanent what is, in essence, passing.

God is Love

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