Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Season Brings some Reason

 The Season Brings some Reason

The Autumn/Kass  fool
By: Salma  Akhter

The sun come out,its very gorgeous rays –
Play hide & seek through my face,
A sweet warmth gives me a lot of joys,
Freshness  in the autumn,
In a long drive ,I go to the riverside Ashullia
Oh! Its pleasant white flowers covered all over the fields
River looks glory
I took some of “Kass Fool”
Too soft ,the flower makes me dreamy,
Give the impression of being in the autumn,
Water’s edge iam walking some time,
Life is blameless just like this autumn.


Winter  is the best in(Bangladesh)

Winter is the most popular season .in Bangladesh winter makes great happiness, they make some of special “PITHA”, planter become happy to see their paddy fields, cut them and they get together a party enjoy a lot of then. All of school children finish their exam. And school holidays they do a lots of fun, girls take the opportunity wear lovely shawls, wool cardigan ,and Jens also. Weddings are the most admired on this season. Many people of Bangladesh think this is the best season for wedding. Wintry weather, a cup of tea or coffee it’s really yammi.Feel nice romantic time lovely people.

By: Salma Akhter